Artwork by Squaz for the new EP « Abou Maye ». Release date: 08/12/2021. Digital and vinyl Pre-order available.


Fawda band started in Bologna from an idea of Fabrizio Puglisi, Danilo Mineo, Reda Zine and Brothermartino. The sound of Fawda is a mix between electronic music, contemporary jazz and Gnawa moroccan music, based on the deep and warm bass sound of the Guembrì, a 3 strings traditional instrument, bearer of a musical culture based on trance, healing, sufism and ancient possession cults.
The new Fawda vinyl album is the result of deep on-field research during several African’s trips which evolved the artistic direction into new sounds, imaginaries, tones and topical issues also thanks to the collaboration with moroccan musicians from the Essaouira Gnawa confraternity with master Soudani, Egyptian master Hassan Bargamoon and Ethiopian (Fendika Cultural Center, Italian Institute Addis Abeba).
After the first LP release « Road to Essaouira » (Original Cultures, 2014) and then being selected among the winners of the « Bologna Unesco City Of Music 2020 » competition notice, Fawda, teaming up with the Scuola Popolare di Musica Ivan Illich of Bologna, are now presenting their new 7” vinyl titled « Abou Maye » along with the videoclip with features hand drawings by illustrator Squaz. The EP contains two tracks (Abou Maye and Semien Hotel) realized in co-production with the label « Brutture Moderne« .

redA: Lyrics, Lead Vocals, Guembri.

Fabrizio Puglisi: Piano, Fender Rhodes, Synth Arp Odyssey, Vocals.

Danilo Mineo: Percussions,  Pad percussion, Efx, Vocals.

Brothermartino: Drum machine, Synth, Vocals, Flute, Sax.


Recensione dell album #AbouMaye oggi su Alias, supplemento culturale di @ilmanifesto firma di Flavio Massarutto. https://ilmanifesto.it/pratiche-davanguardia-cosmopolita
Presentazione di 2 brani (Abou Maye, Mimouna) dell’album, uscito per l’etichetta @brutturemoderne su #Battiti @radio3_rai il 15/09/2022 all’interno dell’eccellente puntata « incroci ».
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Prima recensione di Valerio Corzani per Radiotelevisione svizzera



Fawda Live al Torrione Jazz Club di Ferrara

28/06/2019. Teatro Comunale Bologna.
10/11/2019 Teatro Passioni, Modena.
29/11/2019 Fawda feat Elio Germano. XM24. Bologna.
15/02/2020 Fawda feat Laboratorio Musicale Gnawa. Binario. Bologna.
03/10/2020. Giardini Montagnola. Bologna.
13/12/2020 Torrione Jazz Club. Ferrara.
24/07/2021 Chios Music Festival. Greece.
12/09/2021 DumBo / BJF. Bologna

10/12/2021 Torrione Jazz Club. Ferrara


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