It Will Be Wonderful : P2P Artivisim under cc.

“It will be wonderful” is a peer-produced music project that brings together Arab and international musicians. Artists from different musical genres (hip-hop, rap, jazz, folk music) met in Tunis in July, 2011 to celebrate the creativity and innovation brought by Arab youth to the Arab revolutions which erupted in Tunisia in December, 2010 and spread across the Region. The project was hosted as part of the third Arab regional meeting of the international organization, Creative Commons (, in cooperation with Tunisian blogger platform Nawaat ( and Al Jazeera Networks ( An artists` residence lasted three days, and musicians were encouraged to create original music collectively, each infusing the project with his/her own musical genre. The culmination was a three hour concert under the name of « Sharing the Spring », performed in the beautiful location of Nejma Ezzahra, and two original songs were created and played: “Mamnou`” (Forbidden) and “Thawra Mustamirra” (Ongoing revolution). Since then, these songs have been re-arranged, recorded and post-produced professionally. More artists have added their voices and sounds, and the result is now available to be shared and remixed freely under a Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial license (
We would like to encourage artists from all over the world to take this music and build on it. We would love to hear your remixes and build on them, too. We encourage peer-production, peer-exchange and cross-cultural cooperation. We believe that innovation comes from working together and building on each others ideas. We are looking forward to your remixed work… « It will be wonderful! »


P2P Project Music 2012
Marocains du Monde 2015
Festival Costante Cambiamento – 2012
Kalimat Kalimat – 2012
Narrazione Libere – 2013
Al Jazeera – 2012

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