21 February. 7 pm. @ Katakrak Liburuak

C/Mayor 54 K Nagusia Pamplona-Iruñea 31001

Premiere of The Long Road To The Hall of Fame in Basque/ Eureska.

Rooty present Fawda live + Andrea Mi // Gli Anelli Mancanti 20th

Data: 24 Novembre.
Location: BUH Circolo culturale urbano. Via Panciatichi 16, 50127 Florence.

“Una delle ragioni per cui il live di FAWDA TRIO ثلاثي الفوضى sarà speciale è che, per la prima volta, non sarà più un trio ma un quartetto. Nella formazione entra infatti Brothermartino, super musicista e dj con uscite su Jazzman Records, Sonar Kollektiv, Record Kicks e Money $ex Records, l’etichetta di Max Graef & Glenn Astro.”

Info Evento:

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  • 11 Novembre. Ore 20.30 presso la Biblioteca di Monzuno in via Casaglia 1. Monzuno.
  • 24 Novembre. Ore 20:30 presso BUH! Circolo Culturale Urbano Via Panciatichi 16, Firenze.
  • 25 Novembre. Ore 21:30 press Binario 69. Via Carraci 69. Bologna.

Foto credit: Vittorio Battoglia. Sala Vanni. Firenze Jazz Fringe Festival 2017.

Reda Zine, vocals, guembrì
Fabrizio Puglisi, piano, Synth ARP Odyssey, percussions, voice
Danilo Mineo, percussions, voice
special guest:
Sabir Mateen, saxophones, flute
Guidato da Reda Zine, originario di Casablanca, il progetto “Fawda” naviga tra repertorio sacro e profano. Un incontro inedito tra tradizione e innovazione che attinge dalle sonorità della musica Gnawa marocchina, dell’elettronica e del jazz contemporaneo di Sun Ra e John Coltrane. Led by Casablanca-born Reda Zine, the “Fawda” project navigates between a sacred and profane repertoire. An unprecedented encounter between tradition and innovation taps into the sounds of Moroccan Gnawa music, electronic music and Sun Ra and John Coltrane’s contemporary jazz.

More infos:

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“The Long Road to The Hall of Fame” will be featured at the Hip Hop Film Festival as a spotlight film on August 4, 2017 at 3:30pm located
NATIONAL BLACK THEATRE. at 2031 Fifth Avenue NEW YORK, NY 10035. The legend and triumphant story of “Malik Farrakhan” continues to shine and grow through the brilliant and visionary eyes of International Director Reda Zine.

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Saturday Aprile 29 at Canton FIlm Festival. East North. Ohio

4:30 p.m. Canton Palace Theatre

  • Canton Film Fest: King’s Road: Malik Farrakhan’s journey highlighted in new doc

    The Long Road to the Hall of Fame” takes viewers on an entertaining journey with the King brothers — Malik Farrakhan and Charles King — featured in the Pro Football Hall of Fame as the first African American siblings to play pro football together.

    The film documents the life and evolution of Tony King (now known as Malik Farrakhan) from the streets of Alliance to the NFL to starring in major Hollywood films like “The Godfather,” “Sparkle,” “Sharky’s Machine” and “Shaft,” among others, to currently traveling worldwide as head of security for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame rap group Public Enemy.

  • The film became a passion project of director Reda Zine after meeting Farrakhan and discovering his story following a Public Enemy show in Europe.

    Here, Zine chats about the challenges he faced and surprises he uncovered while making “The Long Road to the Hall of Fame.” The film will be screened Saturday, April 29, at 4:30 p.m. as part of the Canton Film Fest.

    Check full interview here:

    By @BLiskoREP entertainment writer

    More infos:

Sun. 12 Feb. Film Screening & Q/A at the Black History Month Florence

Public Event 21h at TASSO HOSTEL (Firenze)

  • Read the story behind this amazing wall (It)

    Black History Month Florence is a multifaceted exploration of the African Diaspora, its history and its impact on contemporary Florence. The project consists of a range of lectures, film projections, book readings, art exhibitions, food events, concerts and performances that seek to link a broad network of spaces dedicated to cultural production throughout Florence and the broader community of African Diasporic Peoples local to Florence. Relying upon venues and spaces to highlight this program, the work is fluid in its identity and consists of a compilation of related events organized within a single conceptual framework. Community based organizations representing various communities in the city are drawn upon to generate a historical context for a contemporary presence. The program seeks to celebrate the cultural contributions of the diaspora that has permanently impacted pop culture in numerous ways.

  • Chuck D & The Impossebulls – KINGS – The Long Road to the Hall of Fame – Soundtrack

    Directed by Davide “Gatto” Polato
    camera: Arturo Bernardi
    1st assistant: Matteo Bombarda
    2nd camera: David CDOC Snyder
    writers: Rusty SPA, Ciufs SPA, DeeMo
    graphics: DeeMo, Ksenija Savicevic
    1st camera unit : San Donato Bologna/ Italy
    2nd camera unit : Alliance Ohio/ USA

    Song: “Kings”
    Artist: Chuck D & The Impossebulls
    Written by M. Ankeney, C. Ridenhour, DC Snyder
    Produced and Mixed by C-Doc for DefBeat Posse Productions, ID!
    Mastered by Stu Beetle at HWIC East
    BringThe NoiZe Publishing BMI
    DefBeat Music (BMI)
    © 2014

    From the Original Soundtrack of the movie The Long Road to The Hall of Fame Directed by Reda Zine.

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